Social and Psychological Aspects

Conceptualization of Retail Therapy (Rt) and Body Image Distress Among Cancer Patients

  • Jeong-Ju (Jay) Yoo orcid logo (Baylor University)
  • Simar Goyal orcid logo (Baylor University)


This research conceptualizes how to improve cancer patients' body image by identifying the use of retail therapy (RT)among a broad range of cancer patients. Body image assessment among cancer patients is significant because some cancer patients opt for medically less desirable treatment for fear of the impact on their appearance Cancer patients who feel better about their bodies are more likely to have stronger beliefs in their ability to cope with appearance-related stress. Developing effective coping strategies using fashion items will enable patients to adjust to the changed appearance of cancer treatment. Healthcare professionals have a limited understanding of cancer patients' body image distress, which, in turn, limits their ability to tailor communications with patients and their families. Body image is important for cancer patients’ short-term psychological benefit and long-term survival, especially for patients who experience rapid or permanent changes. 

Keywords: Retail Therapy, Body Image, Cancer Patients, Consumer Behavior

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Yoo, J. & Goyal, S., (2022) “Conceptualization of Retail Therapy (Rt) and Body Image Distress Among Cancer Patients”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 78(1). doi:



Published on
15 Sep 2022
Peer Reviewed