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What Affects the Patterns of Used Clothing Exports?

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This study intends to explore the key factors that affectthe volume of a country’s used clothing exports. The multiple regressionanalysis shows that there is a statistically significant positive relationshipbetween a country’s new clothing sales and its used clothing exports. Also, asnew clothing gets cheaper in the retail market, a country would export moreused clothing and vice versa. Further, used clothing exports from developedcountries were much higher than in developing economies when holding otherfactors constant. The results suggest that we can do more on the supply side tocurb the surge of used clothing exports. The results also confirm thesignificant price impact on the generation of used clothing exports. Further, thefindings suggest that developed countries have a crucial role in addressing theused clothing export problem, even those with a relatively small population.

Keywords: used clothing export, Sustainability, consumption, price

How to Cite: Siqueira, A. G. & Lu, S. (2022) “What Affects the Patterns of Used Clothing Exports?”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 78(1). doi: