Consumer Behavior

Resistance or Indifference to Smart Clothing

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The purpose of this study is to present a new perspective to consider when designing smart clothing for fitness by identifying the perceived attributes of smart clothing for fitness and factors affecting consumer resistance. A web-based survey was employed to collect data and 160 valid responses were used in the final analysis. As a result of data analysis using SPSS 26, consumers positively evaluated smart clothing when they perceived that the function of smart clothing was suitable for clothing. Thus, when developing smart clothing, it is necessary to measure whether the functions of smart clothing are suitable for clothing. Furthermore, in the relationship between smart clothing-technology compatibility and innovation resistance, consumers' health-consciousness lowered the resistance to smart clothing. This means that consumers who have a lot of interest in health perceive the compatibility of smart clothing as high, and thus the resistance to smart clothing for fitness is low.

Keywords: smart clothing, innovation resistnace, health consciousness, clothing-technology compatibility

How to Cite: Ju, N. & Lee, K. (2022) “Resistance or Indifference to Smart Clothing”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 78(1). doi: