Creative Design: Fiber Arts

Fishy Finery

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There is an abundance of fish scales that go to landfills, but have possible applications for the apparel industry. Scales of black drum fish were used for acid blue 45 dye absorption from textile wastewaters. The purpose of this design was to achieve a more sustainable outcome for the wastewater dyed fish scales by utilizing them on a garment. The aesthetics of the fish scales served as the inspiration for the garment. The design began with an exploration of methods for applying the scales. An evening gown was created to demonstrate the beauty of the scales. Up-cycled fabrics including one tulle and acetate wedding gown and ten additional wedding veils were used. The materials were then dyed in four different blues. The gown was draped on a dressform. Next, the fish scales were sewn onto the edges.


How to Cite: Stannard, C. R. & Kabir, F. (2018) “Fishy Finery”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 75(1).