Design and Product Development

Waffle Structure Display Mannequins Produced using Rhino Software

  • Kimberly A. Phoenix (Cornell University, USA)
  • Kelsie N Doty (Cornell University)
  • Susan P Ashdown (Cornell University)


Creating unique dress forms for display can be an exciting way to exhibit design work effectively, innovatively, and in a way that supports the conceptual basis for the designs. New technologies provide methods to create custom-made forms with moderate investments in time and materials. The propose of this project was to fulfill specific creative design needs for a solo exhibition, the designer wanted mannequins that (1) were a replication of a specific body, (2) could be suspended from the ceiling and (3) utilized only biodegradable materials. Using a 3D scan and Rhino we created a unique display form for an exhibition. With this method forms can be made from a variety of materials and in almost any posture, giving you unlimited freedom to display your work.

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Phoenix, K. A., Doty, K. N. & Ashdown, S. P., (2018) “Waffle Structure Display Mannequins Produced using Rhino Software”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 75(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2018
Peer Reviewed