Creative Design: Professional

Rhythmus 2019

  • Seoha Min (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
  • Hye Young Kim (Winston-Salem State University)


In the future, we believe that AR-assisted fashion will be a popular means to express one's identity and messages to others. In this regard, we utilized AR technologies in apparel design to communicate the theme of the design. To demonstrate, we developed a prototype for an augmented reality app by utilizing AR tracking and registration techniques. The purpose of the design was twofold: 1) Show by means of a concrete example that people can create AR for their garments and embed messages that they would like to communicate to others using the app; and 2) Provide insight into its potential for designers who would like to apply AR technology to their design.

Keywords: Abstract Film in 1920s, Expressionism, Augmented Reality, Multisensory Experience

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Min, S. & Kim, H., (2019) “Rhythmus 2019”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 76(1). doi:



Published on
15 Dec 2019
Peer Reviewed