Creative Design: Undergraduate

Untitled Incarnations of Art

  • Sarah Woods (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
  • Melanie Carrico orcid logo (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)


This project started with a visit to a local art museum where students viewed a textile exhibit and a contemporary art exhibit about the human body. Our assignment was to select a piece within either exhibit that would inspire the design of our final project. Out of all of the art pieces the main piece that I drew inspiration from was an untitled piece by Amanda Guest, a British artist born in 1964. Amanda Guest often works in the textile medium. The minimalist piece used thread embedded in linen paper for a book-like feel. One side of the work is a slightly wrinkled piece of linen and the other side has vertical threads that were embedded in the linen in a way that they seemed to be pulled. The simplicity of this piece really spoke to me. I drew inspiration from its simple light design and its asymmetrical composition.  

Keywords: pleats, asymmetrical, minimalist

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Published on
28 Dec 2020
Peer Reviewed