Crafting a beer brand: An intersectionality of logo aesthetic and representation

  • Sarah Frankel orcid logo (University of Tennessee)
  • Stefanie Benjamin (University of Tennessee)
  • Carrie Stephens (University of Tennessee)


Sexist labels and commercials highlight women as a rare specimen in craft beer. Being a woman in the industry induces stress and anxiety, while also promoting barriers for female consumers. Moreover, logos and labels inform consumers on the brand and allows for inferences on the brand’s preferences. Informed by symbolic interaction, critical perspectives, and feminist perspectives framework, this study aims to explore: (1) What is images are represented on craft beer logos and; (2) In what ways do brand logos address the inclusion and diversity initiatives of the Brewers Association? We pulled 8,001 beer labels from the BA’s website and used an inductive approach and analyzed the logos following a grounded theory method. Preliminary interpretation of the data (n=621) identified four themes; (1) nature, (2) traditional male jobs, (3) the occult, and (4) facial hair. This project aims to add to the toolkit for best practices provided by the BA. 

Keywords: Inclusion, Diversity, Brewer's Association, Craft beer, Craft BeerBrewer’s Association

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Frankel, S., Benjamin, S. & Stephens, C., (2020) “Crafting a beer brand: An intersectionality of logo aesthetic and representation”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 77(1). doi:



Published on
28 Dec 2020
Peer Reviewed