Discrimination within the Latino Community



Latinos, by American definition, are those whose ancestors have shared an adverse history with Spain in the Americas during the 16th century. Spanish is their dominant language, and the land in which they originate is in Central, North, or South America. Despite these similarities, Latinos are a very diverse group of people, often experiencing intrenal conflict between their communities.

This interactive session will allow participants to explore how Spanish colonization, along with the importation of African slaves to the Americas and intermixing of these seemingly different groups, created racial tension then and how that tension has developed today. In addition to this knowledge, session attendees will be engaged in a discussion to examine ideas that could help improve race relations within the Latino community and diminish misconceptions about Latino peoples.


How to Cite: Alvarez, J. (2006) “Discrimination within the Latino Community”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 7(1).