Building Community for STEM Students of Color at Iowa State

  • Arnold Woods (Iowa State University)
  • Morgan Bear (Iowa State University)


Iowa State University participates in IINSPIRE LSAMP, an NSF-funded grant with the purpose of increasing the participation of racially minoritized undergraduate students in STEM majors. This summer, ISU’s LSAMP program held a virtual research experience for undergraduates (REU) for LSAMP students at ISU and other schools included in our alliance. Included in this REU were weekly community building sessions where students read literature and watched video content focused on the experiences of racially minoritized students in STEM, then engaged in small and large group dialogues on these topics. This session will detail how LSAMP staff developed the community building portion of the REU, explain theory and practice surrounding the importance of building community between STEM students of color, and culturally competent mentoring strategies for faculty and staff who work with this student population.



Published on
03 Mar 2021