Understanding and Resolving Racial Conflict on Campus

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This workshop will present the theoretical foundation for understanding intergroup and intragroup racial conflict to help individuals contemplate and choose appropriate conflict resolution strategies. Attitudes and assumptions about conflict, approaches to racial conflict on campus, and the impact of individual racial identity on campus and conflict resolution will be explored. The material discussed will provide a summary of a 1999 NCORE presentation entitled "Understanding and Resolving Racial Conflict on Campus", presented by Ms. Rochelle Calhoun, Director of Diversity and Inclusion and College Ombudsperson, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, and Dr. Charmaine Wijeyesinghe, Consultant and Trainer, New York.


How to Cite: Rudison, M. & Wellnitz, L. (2000) “Understanding and Resolving Racial Conflict on Campus”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 1(1).