A Three-Dimensional Approach to Creating a Community of Diversity and Academic Achievement

  • David Romero (Iowa State University)


Student involvement in diversity and academic achievement can be a complex issue, often requiring a unique and innovative approach. The African American Studies Program at Iowa State University guides three student-led support groups designed to create an atmosphere where students are able to dialogue on issues that are relative to the retention and "high" achievement of students: The African American Studies Society is a heterogeneous initiative, while the Circle of Trust and the Band of Brothers are homogeneous groups. Combined, the three support groups create a "beloved community."

The presenters will discuss their experience(s), and the objectives of their support groups. The program has found an approach that is proving to be.successful in its efforts to link classroom and out-of-class experiences. Raising the expectations of student performance, while simultaneously teaching accountability, is a main objective.



Published on
04 Mar 2004
Peer Reviewed