The Student-Athlete Experience through a Multicultural Lens

  • Braxton Lewis (Iowa State University)
  • Jalen Ford (Iowa State University)
  • Chandler Diercks (Iowa State University)
  • Sydney Converse (Iowa State University)
  • Hilary Green (Iowa State University)
  • Jorge Utrilla (Iowa State University)
  • Lawrence White (Iowa State University)
  • Alanna Campbell (Iowa State University)
  • Greg Eisworth (Iowa State University)
  • Tavin Hays (Iowa State University)
  • Candelaria Herrera (Iowa State University)
  • Braxton Lewis (Iowa State University)
  • Mason Weh (Iowa State University)


This panel discussion will shed light on the journey of Cyclone student-athletes as they pursue academic and athletic excellence while navigating a primarily white institution. Current student-athletes will share their experiences at Iowa State, ranging from balancing academic and athletic commitments, to coping with the high visibility attached to being a student-athlete. For minority student-athletes, the high visibility can be magnified, creating a unique set of challenges. Presenters will share their personal experiences and discuss how they have overcome adversities to find success at Iowa State University. Various aspects of campus and community life will be discussed through a question and answer session.



Published on
28 Feb 2019