My Predominantly White Institution Doesn’t Include Me: Asian American Student Experiences

  • Summer Castillo (Iowa State University)
  • Naomi Barnie (Iowa State University)
  • Julissa Garcia (Iowa State University)
  • Abdirahman Omar (Iowa State University)


Although many universities focus on diversity initiatives, specifically at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs), are some diverse groups being left out of the conversation? Representation also plays a key role in individual’s understanding of their placement in society and even on campus. For individuals from marginalized communities at Iowa State, it can prove difficult to find an inclusive space. This presentation will explore the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) experience at Iowa State. Survey and interview data of the AAPI student population, will be used to discuss students’ experiences at a PWI and their interactions with other racially marginalized communities. We will examine AAPI student’s sense of feeling included on our campus and resulting impact on their mental health. Connections between AAPI individual’s experiences, the overall community’s sense of belonging, and inclusion on campus will be considered

Keywords: NCORE-ISCORE Project Scholars

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Published on
28 Feb 2019