The Line of Scrimmage: Jack Trice's Legacy On and Off the Field



This presentation honors the life and legacy of John “Jack” Trice, in conjunction with the centennial commemoration taking place at Iowa State University. Jack Trice was a trailblazer for students of color in the athletic department, classroom, and community. He was the institution’s first African-American athlete, as he was a member of the football and track and field teams. With a passion for helping underrepresented communities, he majored in animal husbandry to support Southern farm workers but was in an environment that was much more restrictive for students of color to engage and excel at the institution. Trice’s legacy illustrates his resilience and character, inspiring students of color to pave their way and “break barriers” at Iowa State University. This presentation will highlight the life and legacy of Jack Trice, provide a historical analysis of his influence on students of color, and challenge participants to explore new ways to continue commemorating and utilizing his legacy to positively influence the diverse culture in the Iowa State community.


How to Cite: Sritharan, D. (2023) “The Line of Scrimmage: Jack Trice's Legacy On and Off the Field”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 24(1).