Multilingual Multicultural Women of Iranian Heritage: What do they want us to know?

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In this interactive panel, we will witness the lived experiences of multilingual multicultural (MLMC) women of Iranian heritage at Iowa State University. A panel of Iranian graduate students will first share personal stories on women’s rights. In small groups, the session participants will reflect and share thoughts on these personal narratives. The session will conclude with a Q&A session with the panel. Conceptualized together with Carl Rogers’ Humanistic Approach and Hurtado’s multicultural feminist theory, this session invites the participants (1) to acknowledge how MLMC intersectionality and their insights in stories matter to improve women’s rights; (2) to recognize that individual experiences can co-mingle and co-live with those of others through a higher-level of reflexivity; and finally (3) to identify ourselves to be the agents of change on campus for inclusive excellence, especially, by proactively seeking ways to support our community of MLMC women on campus.


How to Cite: Kling, N. , Esfahani, B. , Falsafi, Z. , Arezoumand, S. , Sourwine, J. , Park, S. , Bahng, E. , Parvini, Z. , Mehrabi, S. , Noroozi, K. , Kashanian, M. & Ghazvini, S. (2023) “Multilingual Multicultural Women of Iranian Heritage: What do they want us to know?”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 24(1).