The Secret Solution to Solving Racism

  • Ezra Odole (Iowa State University)
  • Ding Tut (Iowa State University)
  • Ogi Agba (Iowa State University)


As it stands societal racism is a very abstract concept that we know is there but have a hard time actively grasping. Our inability to grasp it leads to an inability to solve it. The solution is to quantify racism, or at least think of racism in a quantifiable manner. At last year’s ISCORE we explained ways to go about measuring racism directly through the relationships of power and prejudice, focusing on how to create tangible change most effectively. This year we’re back to expand on last year’s presentation with more research and new methods of action, proposing our measure of racism, investigating previous measures of racism. We will go through specific successful examples of reducing racism on a systemic and social level, judging past and current policy and movements based on metrics that can be quantified. We want to empower the audience with the skills to create and assess active solutions to racism in their own workplace and personal lives, inspiring them towards a brighter future.



Published on
03 Mar 2023