On Being Scholars: An Autoethnographic Account of Black Men in Graduate Programs Discovering and Developing their Scholar Identity

  • Kabongwe (KB) Gwebu (Iowa State University)
  • Blayne Stone (Iowa State University)
  • Jarrel T. Johnson (Iowa State University)
  • Steven B. Waddell (Iowa State University)


Research on the experiences of Black men in pursuit of advanced degrees is limited. However, previous research has addressed the lack of Black men represented in masters and doctorate programs. In an effort to address the lack of representation of Black men in graduate programs, an identity model addressing the ways in which Black men in graduate programs discover and develop their scholar identity is needed. Borrowing from Whiting’s (2006) Scholar Identity in Black Males model, this presentation will provide attendees with an autoethnographic account on the scholar identity discovery and development process of three Black men enrolled in graduate education programs at Iowa State University. Recommendations for how higher education practitioners, administrators, and faculty can aid in facilitating the scholar identity discovery and development of Black men in graduate programs will be shared at the conclusion of this presentation.



Published on
28 Feb 2019