A Day in the Life of an MVP Scholar

  • Aiden Jones (Iowa State University)
  • Jayda Baumhover (Iowa State University)
  • Ser Paw (Iowa State University)


As part of the Multicultural Vision Program (MVP) first-year seminar, University Studies 101B, scholars spend the semester exploring various strategies for academic success and engaging in dialogue about self-discovery. The final assignment for the course is the creation of a video podcast in which the scholars utilize storytelling to reflect on how their social identities and the MVP Scholarship have impacted their Iowa State University experiences. This presentation will be a recreation of this podcast assignment; selected MVP Scholars will be part of a live podcast, facilitated by the MVP Graduate instructors, where they will have the opportunity to share their experiences as first-year students at Iowa State University. Following the presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a Q & A with the MVP scholars.



Published on
04 Mar 2022