Do You Really Care About Black Lives Matter (BLM) or Is Your Activism Disingenuous

  • Nidia Garcia-Rodriguez (Iowa State University)
  • Dawood Ghauri (Iowa State University)
  • Yahan Chang (Iowa State University)


Is your activism and allyship productive toward the mission of the movement? In this session, we will discuss performative activism and allyship in the United States and as a part of campus life at Iowa State University. Performative activism is superficial activism that benefits an individual’s reputation who is oftentimes from a privileged identity. Performative allyship is when someone from a non-marginalized group professes support and solidarity with a marginalized group that may end up causing harm. Since the height of BLM in 2020, companies and individuals have increased their performative activism and allyship through unproductive impact, inauthentic change, or for social gain. By understanding and exploring performative activism and allyship in society and on our campus, we will be able to highlight the core values and intent of BLM movements and other activist groups.



Published on
04 Mar 2022