Spectrum and Matrix of Inclusion Tendencies and Experiences using Narrative Stories

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This multi-mode storytelling session offers members of the ISU community a safe space to form on-the-spot critical friends groups, and then engage in an interactive, participatory group discussion on the concept of “inclusion” and the term “systemic.” Three stories of women faculty with multi-intersectionality will be shared and explored (e.g., Morning nanny, Wizards of Oz, Leavers Labors Lost). Grounded in human dignity and sustainable authentic human characters, key discussion questions will be generated while bounded within the self-others-and-world (SOW)’s rights and responsibilities lenses. Borrowing Carl Rogers’ Humanistic approach, Charles Taylor’s authenticity, and Angus Fletcher’s the uniting power of story, we conceptualize that the genuine exchange of our lived stories is curative, therapeutic, and finally empowers us to be resilient, creative and scientific for inclusion awareness, commitment, and finally systemic redesign. The session participants will (1) explore how a range of varied levels of inclusion occur (spectrum), and (2) under what axes of elements and recursive social dynamics (matrix) manifest into “inclusion tendencies” and “inclusion experiences” within an Institution of Higher Education and beyond. Specifically, the session will strive to provide a fertile ground to enhance best practices of inclusion at the micro-level, decision-making transparencies, and fairness of opportunities that are perennial and widespread.


How to Cite: Bahng, E. , Rutenberg, A. & Gomes, C. (2022) “Spectrum and Matrix of Inclusion Tendencies and Experiences using Narrative Stories”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 23(1).