Dismantling Racism in Child Welfare

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ISU-CWRTP has partnered with the Iowa Department of Human Services to provide support to the child welfare workforce through shared learning, tool development, and collaboration building. In 2018, a newly created position aligned much of the CWRTP and IDHS child welfare disproportionality and disparity focus. The adoption of the Guiding Principles (based on the CLAS Standards), supporting Cultural Equity Alliance state steering committee, and promotion of the Cultural Equity Resources has informed improved collaboration and shared learning opportunities. Over 10 years of work has supported applying a cultural and equity lens to data, history, current practice, and policy both within DHS and in partnership with community to work towards racial equity. Together we will share reflections of how the history of child welfare informs current disproportionality and disparity. We will examine ways we are working to dismantle racism woven into practice and policies impacting our communities of color in present day.


How to Cite: Clymer, A. & Carrillo, R. V. (2021) “Dismantling Racism in Child Welfare”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 22(1).