Navigating Diverse Spaces: Intersectional Feminist Pedagogy in the Classroom

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This panel examines intersectional feminist pedagogy in the context of interdisciplinary approaches to teaching. The discussion will address how feminist and intersectional perspectives conceptualize and apply diversity, inclusion, and equity in their pedagogy and practice in the classroom. These approaches are effective ways to maintain engagement and integrity in the classroom and beyond while teaching critical societal issues. The panelists will draw from examples of interdisciplinary classes to share strategies on how to incorporate diverse perspectives in outreach, teaching, and pedagogy. Interdisciplinary perspectives in feminist and queer studies are instrumental when analyzing critical topics such as Black Lives Matter, global solidarity, the environment, diverse economies, disability rights, and cultural politics. Panelists will bring their own disciplinary approaches to illustrate ways to conduct engaged, interactive, and impactful pedagogy within local and transnational communities of practice. These approaches include experiential learning, group activities, participatory mapping, reflection journals, and other ways of challenging hegemonic power relations. In sum, this panel of graduate students and faculty in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program will demonstrate how the transgressive and integrative position of feminist intersectional pedagogy underscores its vital role in higher education.


How to Cite: Oberhauser, A. , Gibb-Clark, S. , Mookerjee, R. & Schaal, M. (2021) “Navigating Diverse Spaces: Intersectional Feminist Pedagogy in the Classroom”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 22(1).