The ISMs Project


  • Alicia Burleson (Iowa State University)
  • Michael Gohr (Iowa State University)
  • Jeremy Koger (Iowa State University)
  • Corey Lieu (Iowa State University)


The research topic of ageism focused on the discrimination against people due to their age. This topic was chosen because the group had the most personal connections with the concept. Each member had experienced ageism at some point, so it felt fitting to choose a topic everyone related to. Upon researching the topic there were numerous accounts when ageism had been reported. Research was found on a lawsuit filed by Jack Gross in 2004 against the FBL Financial Group, when he was discriminated against due to his age. This lead the group to research the multiple Age Discrimination Acts that have been put in place to end ageism. These acts are a part of the solution, but also educating others, creating awareness, and reporting ageism are important tactics to help end ageism.



Published on
05 Mar 2021