The ISMs Project

Anti-Semitism in Education

  • Camille Miller (Iowa State University)
  • Cameron Cimino (Iowa State University)
  • Eugene Bukenya (Iowa State University)
  • Heather Auwerda (Iowa State University)


The presentation Anti-Semistism in Education was created by Camille Miller, Cameron Cimino, Eugene Bukenya, and Heather Auwerda. The research topic was about the ISM’s of the world (sexism, ableism, racism etc. This group choose anti-Semitism because of it’s lack of coverage in general news media. Our group found it important to acknowledge how this ISM is still prevalent in modern society specifically within education and educational environments. Due to a lack of primary research on this ISM, we placed a heavy emphasis on historical origins of anti-Semitism in education focusing on its origins in America as well as Nazi Germany. Solutions presented in the presentation include one mentioned in an article by the Marin Independent Journal about the creation of anti-hate courses in school. Another proposed solution is more education about the events currently happening in Palestine allowing people to separate those events from the Jewish faith.



Published on
05 Mar 2021
Anti-Semitism in Education