The ISMs Project

Sexism in the Workforce

  • Lauren d'Albertis (Iowa State University)
  • Ritwesh Kumar (Iowa State University)
  • Mary Malausky (Iowa State University)


Our research topic covers the types of sexism and discrimination women in the workforce (mainly the USA) experience. We choose this topic because it is super prevalent in today’s society, even though legally women have the same rights as men. In our findings, it’s clear that obstacles such as the gender pay gap, gender discrimination in operation, and motherhood penalty only affect females in the workplaces causing movements to combat these discriminatory practices such as #METoo. Some of our resolutions include more transparency, in terms of discussion about sexism, for example, a class or course. Also, a bill that would require companies to list how much they pay their employees. When accusations come about regarding discrimination or harassment it is handled by a different company, so they can make an impartial decision.



Published on
05 Mar 2021
Sexism in the Workforce