The ISMs Project

The Alienism of Islam in the United States

  • Bhargav Addagarla (Iowa State University)
  • Kayla Keddie (Iowa State University)
  • Nikhil Kuricheti (Iowa State University)


In our country, there are extensive biases and stereotypes surrounding Muslims and the Islam religion. Our research focuses on the history surrounding Islamophobia, where it is present today, and what actions can be taken to prevent future biases and prejudices. This was the topic we decided to research because the current political and social climate regarding Islam in the United States has caused these issues to become more prevalent. From our research, we were able to conclude that a lot of the stigmas that relate to islamophobia relates back to historical contexts such as the crusades. This led to various misrepresentations through the media that have perpetuated these stereotypes. To combat Islamophobia, it is important that we all evaluate our own stereotypes and biases, incorporate more diverse journalists, and bring more positivity to education and news.



Published on
05 Mar 2021
The Alienism of Islam in the United States