The ISMs Project

Sexism in Television Media

  • Aliah Sow (Iowa State University)
  • Evan Nim (Iowa State University)
  • Kai Goble (Iowa State University)
  • Zoe Stenseth (Iowa State University)


Our group researched the effects of sexism and the representation of gender roles in media, specifically television. We chose this topic because we understand the importance of recognizing the discrimination that women experience within the workforce and that it is a crucial first step in fixing the issue. Through our research, we discovered that women are often discriminated against or given stereotypical roles when hired for jobs in television and have a poor representation in advertisements. We concluded that a plausible solution for this issue is to have media and advertising companies shift their portrayal of gender roles in order to break stereotypes based on gender.



Published on
05 Mar 2021
Sexism in Television Media