The ISMs Project

Homophobia in India

  • Avani Laharia (Iowa State University)
  • Sanika Gokakkar (Iowa State University)


Our presentation focuses on homophobia in India. It gives an in-depth sight of the discrimination faced by homosexual people in India. We decided to choose this topic because it was something we know about and witnessed in our daily lives. We wanted to portray the differences in progress and the distinctions in different countries. Studies show that lack of education and knowledge about this topic has led people to become homophobic. India has not always been a country where homophobia was practiced. It was very accepting. However, the negativity surrounding homosexuality began after the British rule. There is no specific solution to homophobia; however, spreading awareness, turning into better allies, and inheriting classroom discussions is a step closer to bringing homophobia to an end.



Published on
05 Mar 2021
Homophobia in India