The ISMs Project

Homophobia in the Schools and Community

  • Neha Sankaranthi (Iowa State University)
  • Andrea Muchori (Iowa State University)
  • Anna Meerschaert (Iowa State University)


Homophobia is still prevalent in today’s school system, which then affects the community. Our research focuses on how homophobia affects students and their communities from the past to the present. There was almost no public representation of the LGBTQIA+community in the past because being a member of the community was seen as wrong and impermissible in most regions of the United States. Today, we can see progress made by protesters, organizations, and, most importantly, people who are a part of the LGBTQIA+community as they fight for their freedom of expression. Through research, we found that homophobia impacts students’ mental health and, in turn, adds to the negative stigma surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community. Suicide rates among LGBTQIA+ youth increase because of the homophobia and discrimination present in schools. We recommend equity training, proactive and reactive strategies, and more legislation to destigmatize the LGBTQIA+community to resolve this ongoing issue.



Published on
05 Mar 2021
Homophopia in the Schools and Community