The ISMs Project

A Socioeconomic Lens of Educational Disadvantages

  • Vijay Relan (Iowa State University)
  • Devin Randall (Iowa State University)
  • Blake Van Der Kamp (Iowa State University)
  • Daniel Stutz (Iowa State University)


The prevalence of societal divides based upon socioeconomic (SES) has increasingly become apparent throughout the 21stcentury throughout various educational institutions in the United States. The concept of educational disadvantages through a low-income SES lens has a wide range of implications in modern society as it has been linked to low teacher retention, declines in graduation rates, and lower rates of career acquisition following. This disadvantage left unchecked has proceeded to create circular cycle at which some educational institutions prosper while others continue to decline at the expense of low-income families. Research indicates that several factors which have created the societal divide include extensive and drawn-out discrimination against marginalized communities as well asa lack of equitable funding opportunities for institutions. Therefore, to combat SES-based educational disadvantages, recommended methodologies feature national legislation to ensure equal educational opportunities through equitable funding across all school systems, local philanthropic and fundraising efforts to assist in eliminating societal“gaps,”and increased volunteerism to destigmatize low-income communities while improving welfare conditions within them.



Published on
05 Mar 2021
Classism in Education