Anyone Know Where I Can Cash In My White Privilege Points? Do I Need a Card? I Keep Hearing I Have This, but I'm Not Sure Where to Go or How to Use It.

  • Brian Le (Iowa State University)
  • Jocelyn Jackson (Iowa State University)
  • Olivia Carrasco (Iowa State University)
  • Limay Vong (Iowa State University)


What does white privilege look like? This interactive session will allow audience members to voice their opinions of what it means to be White. While many White people do not have a clear understanding of their privilege, White privilege is prevalent in our everyday lives. This misunderstanding leads us towards systematic racism and to institutions where White Power is encouraged. This session will work towards helping audience members understand White privilege, gain an understanding of how white supremacy affects the perception of White privilege, and most importantly, what they should do with this privilege.

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Published on
04 Mar 2016
Peer Reviewed