The Anatomy of a Black Woman: The Exploration of Identity Through Art, Poetry, and Pedagogy

  • Janae Due (Iowa State University)
  • Petra Lange (Des Moines Public Schools Central Academy)


This session will examine the blending of Black Feminist Thought and Arts-Based Pedagogy in a reflection of combined efforts of a poet and an artist to recognize and honor Black women’s roles in the creation of arts, education, and activism. The creation of artworks that connect art and viewer through the use of translucent materials investigates notions of intellectual activism, collectivism, and self-definition in the face of systemic oppression. With a focus on portraits of Black women comprised from their own statements, we created pieces to showcase their exemplary contributions, strength, advocacy, and community. In addition, we designed and constructed handcrafted booklets with portraits overlaying original pieces of poetry. The presenters will explore the process of collaborative creation in their efforts to acknowledge the overlooked work of Black women in literary and arts-based mediums.



Published on
28 Feb 2019