Erasure of Students of Color from the Archives at Iowa State University

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How have students of color been remembered in the Iowa State University archives? There are vacancies, absences, and silences in the way the history of less privileged groups has been saved. Historical oppressions and marginalization of communities of color has led to multiple gaps in the way archivists have preserved their legacy in the archives. This research focuses particularly on the erasure of students of color at Iowa State University, centering on women and LGBTQIA+ identities. We have uncovered the gaps that exist within the legacy of these marginalized students at the archives through the lack of materials and documents we currently have. In order to assess these absences, we will explore the initiatives that the Special Collections and University Archives department at ISU have created in order to address this inequality. This session will also expose the historical context that led to the erasure of students of color from the archives, as well as ways in which we can be more intentional about preserving the legacies of future students of color.


How to Cite: Gonzalez, L. & Larsen, A. (2019) “Erasure of Students of Color from the Archives at Iowa State University”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 20(1).