Keynote Address: Dr. Barbara Love

  • Barbara Love (University of Massachusetts Amherst)


Dr. Barbara Love is an exciting speaker, presenter, consultant and writer on multicultural organizational development. Dr. Love is Professor Emeriti of Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She consults with faculties and administration at colleges and universities throughout the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean and Africa and with a variety of other organizations on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Love has worked closely with schools and school systems throughout the U.S. and has served as chair of the local school committee. She works from a unique set of assumptions about the nature of humans and the process of personal, organizational, and social change which participants find empowering, enabling, and effectively motivating. Dr. Love heads the Black Liberation and Community Development Project of the International Reevaluation Counseling Communities.



Published on
04 Mar 2016