Men of Color: Intersections of Race/Ethnicity, Gender Role Socialization, and Masculinity

  • Julio Rivas (Iowa State University)


All men are infl uenced by various components of their upbringing and background in their conception of what constitutes a man, with identity markers such as race and ethnicity playing an especially salient role in the unfolding of one’s gender role socialization. Men of color may experience diffi cult dilemmas as they strive to remain faithful to the values of their culture of origin while also negotiating between rigid, sexist, or overly restrictive gender roles and incompatible situational demands. For example, culture-specifi c conceptions of masculinity may promote success and well-being in certain situations (e.g., working hard to provide for one’s family), yet also be maladaptive in others (e.g., distress in intimate partner relationships as a result of overemphasis on work). Our presentation will discuss how men of color cope with and adapt to the complex interaction of race/ethnicity-based gender role socialization and situational demands. We will also engage faculty, staff, and students in a thoughtful discussion about the unique race-based gender constraints experienced by men of color.



Published on
03 Mar 2016
Peer Reviewed