Inclusive and Uncommon Leadership: Subverting a Perfectly Acceptable Student Ambassador Program

  • Ketlego (Kat) Mogongwa (Iowa State University)


Since the fall of 2013, the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication has experienced a substantial increase in enrollment. With a record number of students from underrepresented backgrounds enrolling at and visiting Iowa State University, it is judicious to enlist students from historically marginalized groups to help inform and execute recruitment efforts. The coordinator of the Greenlee School’s ambassador program set out to reform their existing program in order to make it more inclusive and refl ective of Iowa State’s changing demographics. In this panel presentation, the coordinator will share strategies he implemented to identify and assemble a team of uncommon leaders from diverse backgrounds. Current Greenlee Student Ambassadors, as well as recent alumni who served as ambassadors, will impart their Greenlee story and discuss the anxiety, challenges, and rewards of representing the Greenlee School and Iowa State University. There will be reasonable time set aside for questions and answers from the audience.



Published on
03 Mar 2016
Peer Reviewed