Diversifying STEM: Graduate Selection and Training for ALL Students

  • Corey Welch (Iowa State University)


The talk will report on research and make recommendations to STEM departments to make their selection process and graduate training more equitable, to serve the broader mission of diversifying the sciences, and to better serve underrepresented (minority, low income, and/or first generation) students in post-graduate careers. A growing body of research is demonstrating that traditional measures used to gain access to graduate programs are discriminatory toward underrepresented groups while simultaneously being poor predictors of graduate student success. Alternative selection criteria and their will be presented that provided that look beyond GPA and GRE scores. The talk will also highlight several recruitment strategies/programs to increase the pool of UR-applicants that are on-going or can be expanded by ISU administrators and faculty. Lastly, there will be recommendations for improving graduate training that aligns with the values of UR-populations and match the current career opportunities of PhDs in and out of academia.



Published on
03 Mar 2016
Peer Reviewed