From Cultivating Ambassadors to Serving As Mentors: A Three-Year Review of the Graduate Student of Color Experience at Iowa State

  • Michelle Boettcher (Iowa State University)


Two years ago, this group of panelists convened at /SCORE to share their experiences as graduate students of color at Iowa State University. They shared successes and cha llenges with their programs, the institution and the community. Last year the same group discussed ways in which they connected with all of their communities and developed their own support systems to help navigate their experiences as well as sharing other challenges and successes. With this presentation, the group is now going to discuss how they have emerged as mentors and resources for other students of color at Iowa State and beyond. This new evolution and perspective will provide insight and information helpful to students, faculty, staff, and community members who are working to make Iowa State an inclusive experience for all and a particularly supportive place for graduate students of color. Additionally, the panel will explore how they themselves have worked to transform the environment and culture at Iowa State University.



Published on
28 Feb 2013
Peer Reviewed