Stop Actin' So Black!

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There are many stereotypes associated with African Americans, some positive, some negative. A lot of these stereotypes continue to prevail over many years and continue to be a way in which many people (even African Americans themselves) identify or categorize people of African American descent. Many times African Americans who seemingly live up to these perceived stereotypes are accused of "acting black." Then on the other end of the spectrum, those that break these stereotypes are at times, accused by fellow African Americans of "acting white." So, what exactly does it mean to "act black"? How are these perceived truths formed? Through examination of these stereotypes, we aim to dive deeper into where, how, and why these stereotypes originated and then identify and discuss ways in which we are able to help dispel and reduce these stereotypes in our society.


How to Cite: Stafford, V. , Soria, E. , Brooks, M. & Li, A. (2013) “Stop Actin' So Black!”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 14(1).