Sustaining Diversity: Appreciating the Needs of International Students



In this presentation we wil l engage in critical conversations and explore the importance of international education, and the experience of International Students in key areas such as orientation, work and job training, academics, and social integration The impact of international education in the United States cannot be ignored. International students impact diversity, and add over $12 billion in economic resources; making education the fifth largest export service in the U.S. every academic-year. Access to quality education, job preparation, money making (sometimes to send home). cultural experience, status quo, and to learn the English language are some of the reasons why International Students study in the U.S. We will share recommendations based on literature, discuss the role of the Iowa State community and professionals in the experiences of International Students, and engage in an open discussion on best practices to help International Students be successful.


How to Cite: Salinas, C. (2013) “Sustaining Diversity: Appreciating the Needs of International Students”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 14(1).