The Asian F: They Told Me I Could Go Anywhere

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Discrimination of Asian Americans is not as prevalently known as many would think within the education realm and society. In many professional institutions of development, Asian American applicants are being overlooked due to practiced quotas needing to be met The increasing demand for the "model minorities" to get higher test scores on the SAT and ACT places a burden on Asian American applicants to outshine everyone else. What is this "model monitory" concept and what qualifies someone to be placed in that category? Are colleges focusing on equality when it comes to the selection process of all college students? If so, then why are race-conscious policies still in place? The general public may not notice these institutions' sly behavior, however, Asian American students who desire to be college bound do and are paying a price for checking Asian American on their applications.


How to Cite: Granberry, K. , Peters, L. , Tate, A. & Elizalde, G. (2013) “The Asian F: They Told Me I Could Go Anywhere”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 14(1).