Unheard Voices: The Black Male Experience

  • Johnnie Campbell (Iowa State University)
  • Julian Neely (Iowa State University)
  • Miccah Mohorne (Iowa State University)
  • Tyran Price (Iowa State University)
  • Markus Flynn (Iowa State University)
  • Brandon Turner (Iowa State University)


Research surrounding the plight of Black males in higher education remain oversaturated. Scholarship identifying the trend of Black males and their struggles in higher education remain prevalent within research. In recent years, practitioners and researchers have worked aimlessly to change the tides. While two-thirds of Black males do not finish college within the traditional 6-year period, more research is required concerning the remaining third of Black males who find ways to succeed. This session aims to highlight what challenges have persisted in higher education to impede the success of Black males on predominantly White campuses. Utilizing tenets of Critical Race Theory, we will engage a panel of Black male students to highlight their experiences on the Iowa State campus. Through open dialogue, we will explore how this target population navigates college.



Published on
01 Mar 2019