The Effect of Institutional Racism in the African American Community



This presentation will examine the impact of institutional racism on the different facets of everyday life for African Americans. Issues in health care, the criminal justice system, public housing, and education will be examined through the scope of institutional racism. This issue arises because despite claims that racism is dead, one must wonder about the systematic color-coded system of inequality. Infant mortality rates among black infants are nearly twice as high as white mortality rates in every U.S. state. More money is allocated toward prisons than public education. The majority of the ghetto neighborhoods are comprised of African Americans. Only 36% of African Americans graduate from an NCAA Division I school within six years. One could explain these away using reasons such as mere coincidence or by claiming African-Americans need to take personal responsibility for their actions. We will examine these issues under the effect of institutional racism.


How to Cite: Rassavong, D. (2009) “The Effect of Institutional Racism in the African American Community”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 10(1).