Perspectives of Women Doctoral Students of Color



Current statistics on minority women with doctoral degrees indicate low enrollment and completion rates. According to the 2007 Current Population Survey (CPS), conducted by the Bureau of the Census, minorities hold 22.4% of doctoral degrees compared to Caucasians who hold 77.6% of the total doctoral degrees. The educational gap is further widened when looking at the statistics of minority women with doctoral degrees. The CPS reports that minority women hold 8.5% of the population of doctoral degrees compared to 24.4% of Caucasian women and 13.9% of minority men. In an attempt to understand issues impacting women of color and their pursuit of terminal degrees, this presentation will discuss the historical and contemporary issues and challenges facing these women. An interactive panel discussion will address experiences of minority women who are pursuing or have attained a doctoral degree and will respond to critical questions regarding their academic successes and difficulties, as both a woman and a person of color.


How to Cite: Galarraga, F. (2009) “Perspectives of Women Doctoral Students of Color”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 10(1).