Tweaking the Water Cooler: Dismantling -isms in the Workplace



In a workplace chock full of -isms, it is necessary from time to time to “tweak the water cooler.” It’s not what the Culligan man puts in it; it’s what he says around it. This presentation includes research on the occurrence of racism, sexism, and homophobic discrimination and harassment in the workplace, followed by a panel discussion with professionals in the field of community support, including the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center, Multicultural Student Affairs, YWCA Ames-ISU, ACCESS, and the University Committee on Women. As a group we will explore strategies to dismantle these -isms in an effort to create a more accepting work environment. Cheers to a tastier glass of water!


How to Cite: Wise, D. (2009) “Tweaking the Water Cooler: Dismantling -isms in the Workplace”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 10(1).