Sit Indian Style? Stereotypes in the Native American Community



Although media and education are two separate components, combined they are a powerful force in shaping the stereotypes of Native Americans. Under the education system, young children are being taught the standard characteristics that define an “appropriate” Native American. The media then reinforces these characteristics. Education portrays the image of Native Americans that was developed by the dominant group by using the media (cartoons, movies, advertisements, etc.). As a result, the healthy functioning of Native American communities is impeded by direct discrimination from the media and educational society. In this presentation, we plan to examine, critique, and analyze the major stereotypes against the Native American community in the educational system and how media reinforces these indoctrinations. Our intentions are to understand how these stereotypes decrease interactions with Native American communities, directly influencing their well being.


How to Cite: Oakley, N. N. (2009) “Sit Indian Style? Stereotypes in the Native American Community”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 10(1).