Community Connectedness: Findings from an SSSP Learning Community Evaluation



The Student Support Services Program at Iowa State University designed and implemented a learning community for its first-year students in 2006– 2007. An evaluation, using primarily a qualitative research design, investigated the students’ perceptions of their learning community experience and identified possible benefits and potential areas for improvement. Based on interpretations and analysis of focus group and observation data, it appeared that the students’ overall experiences being a part of the SSSP Learning Community supported their transitions to college by providing an environment where connections could be made and a sense of “community togetherness” encouraged students to have more confidence in their academic pursuits. A panel of LC students will discuss their interpretations of these findings during the presentation.


How to Cite: Noreen, M. (2008) “Community Connectedness: Findings from an SSSP Learning Community Evaluation”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 9(1).