The Role of College Diversity Committees at Iowa State



As of Fall 2005, each of the academic colleges at Iowa State has a Diversity Committee assigned to advise the deans and to design and direct diversity initiatives in the college. For the past year, the chairs of these committees have been regularly convened by the provost in an effort to share strategies and best practices and to determine university-wide initiatives that would be appropriately placed with this group. A major accomplishment of last year’s meetings was the development of “Guidelines for Establishing a College Diversity Committee.” In this roundtable discussion, the college committee chairs will discuss the successes and challenges they have had in developing new missions and goals, in organizing training sessions, in developing new strategies for faculty hiring, in recruiting and supporting students, and in recommending and working on curricular initiatives.


How to Cite: Zhu, D. (2006) “The Role of College Diversity Committees at Iowa State”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 7(1).