Fresh off the Boat?!



This presentation will consist of discussions regarding first- and second-generation Asian American students. Topics will include the differences between international Asians studying in the U.S. and immigrant or domestic Asian American students and the clashes between traditional Asian and American values and common stereotypes. Video interviews of international Asian and Asian American students will illustrate the difficulties Asians face in coming to America and the feelings they have of being “stuck in the middle.” Discussion will include what it means to be a “Fresh off the Boat” or “FOB” and the stereotypes associated with that term. Methods of seeking common ground between first- and second-generation Asians at Iowa State and insight on preserving Asian culture will be featured.


How to Cite: Diokno, C. F. (2006) “Fresh off the Boat?!”, Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity. 7(1).